Virtual Data Rooms & Centers You Won’t Believe Exist

Virtual Data Rooms & Centers You Won’t Believe Exist

A virtual data room is of course, a room that holds servers; when they get really big, and hold multiple servers they become data centers. They’re hugely important; they house data, and support some of the biggest websites we use on an every day basis; Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook… The list goes on, and none of these sites would have such capabilities without data centers.

A data center when on a huge scale requires many essential things; it needs to be based in a cool climate, so it doesn’t overheat, and it needs to be constantly maintained. Often data centers are placed in countries with cold climates, but some have sophisticated cooling systems so that they can be placed more locally. Here is a look inside just a few of the most monumental computer server rooms that exists today.

Microsoft Data Center

Microsoft Data Center

Microsoft is by far, one of the biggest computing giants in the world, so it’s no surprise that they have one of the biggest and most advanced data centers ever created. The Microsoft data center in Chicago is a tech geek’s dream, with endless rows of glowing lights and tangled wires.

Surprisingly, although the data center is on a huge scale, a team of only 30-45 staff manage it, and it is cooled with 7.5 miles of chilled water piping. Regardless of the plethora of energy saving techniques used at this site, just the first phase of the data center uses up to 30 megawatts of power.

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