The Cast of Neighbours: Then and Now… You Won’t Believe Number 10!

The Cast of Neighbours: Then and Now… You Won’t Believe Number 10!

Neighbours is by far one of the most successful soap operas on TV With over 7,000 episodes spanning over 30 years. So how come you don’t know much about this long-time running hit? Well it is an Australian network. However, you will still recognize these famous actors and actresses as some of your favorites! If you are a big fan of Neighbours already, you will adore seeing these now and then pictures of the cast.

#50 Guy Pearce

The young Guy Pearce almost channeled a Tom Cruise during his four years as Mike Young of Neighbours. He was clearly one of the handsome fellas on the hit soap opera. The ladies took a liking to him to say the least, and we can see why. Guy Pearce transitioned to American films, too, like L.A. Confidential, Memento, and The Hurt Locker, all of which boosted his acting career and fan base. Did you even realize that was the same guy? You should probably check out Neighbours, huh?


#49 Kimberley Davies

For four glorious years, we were blessed to watch the beautiful Kimberley Davies rise to fame on Neighbours as Annalise. From 1993 until 1996, well, let’s just say it was a few good years for Australian daytime dramas. Although she hasn’t been in the the limelight as much as some of her fellow cast members, Kimberley Davies continues to do her thing. Recently, she was on the Australian comedy game show titled Talkin’ Bout Your Generation.


#48 James Sorensen

For those of you who don’t know or can’t remember, this fresh face played a single teenage dad on the soap opera. Yes, that is literally the type of character description that makes it the dramatic hit that it still is today. Anyway, he has grown up, obviously. Since leaving Neighbours, James Sorensen only had a couple minor roles and moved on to (drum roll, please) a career in fitness and health. He is actually going to school to be a doctor.


#47 Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue has been famous throughout Australia for decades. She actually has Neighbours to thank, in part, for her successful career. She was discovered at a young age and played the beloved Charlene “Lenny” Robinson on the soap opera. Even though she started out acting at a young age, that is not her claim to fame in Hollywood. She is a wildly successful pop singer and has released 13 albums, received countless nominations and awards. Some of her songs have also been very famous in the United States.


#46 Craig McLachlan

Curly-haired Craig McLachlan was on Neighbours as the young and cute Henry Ramsay for several years. He left the show and had a successful, but short singing career. He went back into acting, which we all thought was a good idea. However, you might not spot this very dapper gentleman from anything you watch, unless it’s Australian soap operas or The Doctor Blake Mysteries. We highly suggest tuning in if not just for the good performance, but also his good looks.


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